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Filename extensions are used to tell which program created the file.

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.$$$ ---- Temporary file
.001 ---- FAX
.1 ---- A Unix nroff source file.
.1st ---- Text Readme
.2gr ---- A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in standard mode- 286 or 386 computer
.301 ---- Fax
.386 ---- Swap file; enables computer running in enhanced mode to use Windows with virtual memory
.3ds ---- Graphics (3D Studio)
.3gr ---- A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in standard mode- 386, 486, or Pentium computer
.411 ---- Sony Mavica Data file
.4th ---- Forth (language) source code
.8 ---- A86 assembler source code file
.8med ---- Amiga OcatMed music
.8svx ---- Amiga 8-bit sound
.669 ---- 669 MOD Music
.906 ---- Calcomp plotter
.!im ---- Multimedia image file.
._ad ---- Multimedia audio file.
._au ---- Multimedia audio file.
._im ---- Multimedia image file.
.a ---- Assembly Source Code
.a ---- Unix library
.a ---- Ada (language) source file
.a3l ---- MacroMedia Authorware Windows Library
.a4m ---- Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file
.a4p ---- Authorware file packaged without runtime
.a4w ---- Unpackaged Authorware Windows file
.aam ---- Authorware (Adobe) file
.aas ---- Authorware (Adobe) file
.ab8 ---- Datafile (ABStat)
.aba ---- Address Book file (Palm)
.abf ---- Adobe Binary Format
.abk ---- AutoBackup (Corel Draw)
.abm ---- PhotoPlus Album File
.abr ---- Brush (Adobe Photoshop)
.abs ---- MPEG sound file
.acd ---- Sonic Foundry Acid sound file
.ace ---- a compression file format for winace
.acf ---- Agent Character File (Microsoft)
.acl ---- Keyboard accelerator, Corel Draw
.acm ---- Windows system directory file
.acmv ---- Drivers for compressing or decompressing audio files, OS/2
.ad ---- After Dark Screen Saver
.ada ---- Ada source file
.add ---- Adapter Driver (OS/2)
.adi ---- Graphics (AutoCAD)
.adm ---- AfterDark MultiModule
.adn ---- Add-in (Lotus 1-2-3)
.adr ---- AfterDark Randomizer
.ads ---- Specification file type, Ada language
.afi ---- Truevisiion bitmap graphic
.afm ---- Adobe Font Metrics (Type 1)
.ag4 ---- Access G4
.ai ---- PostScript
.ai ---- Adobe Illustrator subset of .EPS (vector graphics)
.aif ---- Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF Sound
.aifc ---- AIFF Sound Compressed
.aiff ---- AIFF Sound
.air ---- Adobe AIR Rich Internet applications
.air ---- Flight Simulator Aircraft Performance Info File (Microsoft Corporation)
.al ---- ALAW Sound
.all ---- Arts and Letters Library
.all ---- General printer data (WordPerfect Win)
.alt ---- Menu file (WordPerfect Win)
.ana ---- underground text format; anarchy genre
.ani ---- Animation
.ani ---- Animated NeoChrome
.ans ---- ANSI text, graphics
.apd ---- Aldus Printer Description
.api ---- Application Program Interface
.app ---- MacroMedia Authorware package
.app ---- Add-in application (Symphony)
.app ---- Executable application
.arc ---- Compressed file using PKARC
.arj ---- A PC compressed format found on European sites
.arr ---- Amber ARR Image
.art ---- First Publisher
.art ---- Art file, in draw or paint applications
.as ---- ActionScript Source File
.asc ---- ASCII text file
.asci ---- ASCII Text
.ascii ---- ASCII Text
.ascx ---- ASP.NET user control file (Microsoft)
.asd ---- Autosave file (Word for Windows)
.asf ---- Windows Media (Active Streaming File)
.asf ---- Screen Font (Lotus 1-2-3)
.asi ---- Assembler include file
.asm ---- Assembly language source
.asmx ---- .NET Web Service file (Microsoft)
.asp ---- Active Server Page (Microsoft)
.aspx ---- ASP.NET file (Microsoft)
.ast ---- Assistant file (Claris Works)
.asx ---- Windows Media File
.atm ---- Adobe Type Manager
.au ---- A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers
.avi ---- Audio Video Interleaved (AVI movie)
.avs ---- Intel video capture format
.b64 ---- Base 64, encoding format used by the MIME.
.bad ---- Bad file (Oracle)
.bak ---- Backup file
.bar ---- UNIX BAR Archive
.bas ---- BASIC source file
.bat ---- Batch job (MS-DOS)
.bay ---- DOS batch file
.bbs ---- Bulletin Board System
.bcp ---- Borland C++ makefile
.bcw ---- Borland C++ environment settings
.bfc ---- Briefcase document (Windows)
.bfm ---- Font metrics - UNIX
.bga ---- OS/2 Bitmap
.bib ---- Bibliography (ASCII)
.bib ---- BibTex
.bin ---- Driver
.bin ---- A MacBinary II+ encoded file
.binary ---- Untyped Binary Data
.bk ---- Backup file
.bk ---- Faxbook (JetFax)
.bk! ---- Backup file (WordPerfect Windows)
.bk$ ---- Backup file
.bkf ---- Backup file (Microsoft)
.blk ---- Temporary file (WordPerfect Windows)
.bm ---- Bitmap graphics file
.bmp ---- Windows Bitmap
.bnk ---- Sim City game file
.boo ---- BOO Encoded File
.brx ---- Browse Index (multimedia CD-ROMs)
.bst ---- BibTex Style
.btm ---- Batch file (Norton Utilities)
.bup ---- Backup file
.buy ---- Movie datafile
.bw ---- SGI Image
.c ---- C Source file
.c++ ---- C++ source
.c00 ---- Ventura Print file
.ca ---- Cache data (root domain server)
.cab ---- Microsoft compressed format
.cal ---- Calendar or CALS
.cal ---- Spreadsheet (SuperCalc)
.cap ---- Caption (Ventura Publisher)
.cas ---- Comma-delimted ASCII file
.cbl ---- Cobol source file
.cbt ---- Computer-Based Training; a tutorial file
.cc ---- C++ source code file
.cch ---- Corel chart
.ccm ---- Lotus cc:Mail
.cct ---- Director Shockwave file (Macromedia)
.cda ---- CD Audio track
.cdr ---- Vector graphics file (Corel Draw)
.cdt ---- Corel Draw Data
.cdx ---- Visual FoxPro database index
.cel ---- Graphics (Autodesk Animator)
.cfb ---- Comptons multimedia encyclopedia
.cfg ---- Configuration file
.cfl ---- Corel Flow
.cfm ---- ColdFusion Markup language
.cgi ---- Common Gateway Interface (script)
.cgm ---- Graphics Meta file
.ch ---- Clipper Header file
.chd ---- Font Description
.chk ---- Checkdisk (CHKDSK) Recovered file
.chk ---- Temporary file (WordPerfect Windows)
.chl ---- Configuration History Log
.chp ---- Chapter file (Ventura)
.chr ---- ASCII character file (MegaZeux)
.cif ---- Chapter Information File (Ventura)
.cim ---- Sim City file
.cit ---- Intergraph scanned image
.ckb ---- Keyboard mapping (Borland C++)
.cl ---- Common LISP source file
.class ---- CodeWarrior Class
.class ---- Java Class File
.clp ---- Windows Clipboard
.clp ---- Clip art (Quattro Pro)
.cls ---- C++ class definition file
.cmd ---- file of commands, OS/2 batch file
.cmf ---- Corel MetaFile
.cmf ---- FM-music file (Creative Music File)
.cmf ---- SoundBlaster file
.cmk ---- Card (Card Shop Plus)
.cmp ---- LEAD Technologies graphics
.cmv ---- Apple Viewer file
.cmv ---- CorelMove (animation)
.cmv ---- Corel Presentation Exchange Image
.cmv ---- Corel PhotoPaint Image
.cnc ---- general program data
.cnf ---- Configuration file
.cnq ---- Compuworks Design Shop
.cnv ---- data conversion support (Word for Windows)
.cnv ---- Temporary file (WordPerfect Windows)
.cob ---- COBOL source code
.cod ---- Program compiled code (FORTRAN)
.col ---- Spreadsheet (Microsoft Multiplan)
.com ---- Command file, excutable, smaller version of .EXE (DOS)
.conf ---- Configuration file
.cp ---- C++ Source file
.cpe ---- Fax Cover document
.cpl ---- Code Page (DOS)
.cpl ---- Control Panel (Windows)
.cpp ---- C++ Source file
.cpr ---- Knowledge Access graphics
.cpt ---- Compact Pro compressed file
.cpx ---- Corel Presentation Exchange compressed file
.cpz ---- COMPOZ Music text file
.crd ---- Windows Cardfile
.crp ---- Encrypted database (dBASE IV)
.crs ---- Conversion Resource (WordPerfect)
.crt ---- Digital Certificate
.crt ---- Oracle terminal settings information
.csc ---- Corel Script
.csm ---- Precompiled headers (Borland C++)
.css ---- Cascading Style Sheet, Cascading StyleSheets
.csv ---- Comma Separated Values text file (ASCII)
.csv ---- Comma delimited, MS Excel
.ct ---- Scitex-CT
.ctl ---- Control file
.cty ---- City file (SimCity)
.ctx ---- Ciphertext file (PGP-RSA)
.cuf ---- C Utilities Form (definition)
.cul ---- Windows cursor library
.cur ---- Windows cursor image
.cut ---- Dr. Halo graphics
.cv ---- Microsoft CodeView
.cvp ---- Cover page (WinFax)
.cvs ---- Canvas graphics file
.cwk ---- Claris Works
.cws ---- Claris Works Template
.cxx ---- C++ source file (Zortech)

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