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The Largest Computer On Earth

Founded in 1997, our project has grown to encompass thousands of users around the world.'s computing power has grown to become equivalent to that of more than 160000 PII 266MHz computers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Our infrastructure has been enhanced over the years and refined to a point where it can reliably handle tens of thousands of new computers. Join us in this ground-breaking computing experience. We need your help...

It's very simple to participate in our challenges. You only need to download a small program, which will talk to our network and begin to process parts of the current challenges. The program uses only the computer's idle time, so when you want to use your computer, the client will automatically get out of your way. Plus, there's that cute little cow icon...

What is RC5-64 (Project Bovine)?

The Bovine RC5-64 Project is a project of It was formed in March of 1997 to tackle contests associated with RSA Data Security, Inc.'s Secret Key Challenge. Through the Bovine Project provides and maintains the software and network infrastructure required to distribute RC5-64 keyblocks to participating computers all over the world.

How does it work?

As a "loosely knit" group of computer users from all over the world, we take up challenges which require a lot of computing power. We solve these by distributing the cpu power needed over the computers of our members. To participate, you simply download and run the client software, that's it.


Step One:

  • Download and install the client software. You can go to the client page where clients for most OS's are listed or you can have select the proper client for you.

Step Two:

  • Once you have installed the client software, start the program. Enter your email address, which is what you will use later as a username to check your stats and to join the ™ Team. You do not need to change any of the default settings at this time.

Step Three:

  • How to join the ™ team.

    You must first be in the stats system. Your stats password will not be automatically emailed to you once you join one of our projects. You will need to request your password by clicking on the link at the bottom of your personal stats page. You must first access your personal stats page by entering your complete email address in the "Participant Search" form located at the top of the stats system server pages.

    Note that in order to be able to request your password from your participant stats page, you will need to have entered a valid email address in the client configuration menu, flushed some work units back to the proxies, and waited up to 36 hours for the stats server's daily update that will detect that you have joined

  • A common comment towards is that a new user can not find his or her stats after running the client for 24-hours (or more).

    The key to this "24-hour" value is that the client has actually returned completed work to the servers. If this is done, prior to 0:00 UTC, then you will receive credit for your work and should see your stats the "next day."

    To return completed work to the use the "dnetc -update" command or right-click on the cow-icon and choose "update." This command will force the client to "flush" (or return) work to the servers.

    To check to see if your stats are up, put your email address in the Participants Stats search box on the top of the
    stats system page, if your stats are not yet up check back the next day.

  • Next you will need a password. Once your stats show up click on your email address (linked). It will bring up a Stats Summary page. At the bottom of the page click on the link "I cannot remember my password. Please email's password.
    Check your email for the password. Write down your password.

  • Join the ™ Team.
    A new window will open and you will be asked to provide username and password. Use your email address for the username and the password you were emailed.

Step Four:

  • That's it!
    You're now part of the ™ Team!

Good luck in your effort to crack the code!

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