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Suggestions Not Used

Here are a few submissions our editors
decided not to include in TechDictionary.

term: Amelia
defintion: Blonde, Smart, funny, Vollyball player with attitude.

term: ghost
definition: a spirit from the under world that visits the real world

term: bong
definition: water pipe for marijuana or tobacco

term: Briana
definition: she is a very pretty girl who stay's in trouble all the time

term: NSO
definition: Nice Shot Oswald

term: Jerrel
the king of all kings if you are a pretty girl and see him hug him

term: Indexer
definition: Someone who provides the index

term: bounced e-mail
definition: a e-mail that has been close down for a long time.

term: irace
definition: alternate form to spell erase

term: payload
definition: teh eventual action taken by a virus once it has installed itselft on a system

term: OOM 9
definition: The name of the droid general of the trade federation battle droids in Star Wars

term: Courser
definition: A swift horse

term: googleplex
definition: google headquarters

term: blog
definition: informal chatroom

term: mainframe computers
definition: used by large organisations such as banks and building societies for processing large amount of data.

term: hypomania
definition: mood disorder that only last several weeks to a month. symptoms include restlessness, fast thoughts,ideas flowing, high energy, desire to do something, joy in spending, and increased interest in uncharacteristic secual flirting.

term: highlighted
definition: to highlite the typed word